The End of CRM – Dead Data vs. PRM Living Data Part 2

CRM becomes PRM – The end of dead contact data!

In our first installment we looked at the move from dead customer data to “living” data, primarily brought to us by the
social network. Here we talk about how to take advantage of live data in a PRM – Personal relationship management system.
Let’s look at how to put Live Data to work.

Nimble 6
Old school territory management vs. SocialSelling
How do you approach your market or territory?
The good old way is to plan your day, get in your car and drive to see potentially interested
customers or prospects. Then sandwich in a few phone calls, respond to a few
emails, and get ready for the next day. How many contacts did you make – 6? 12?
Effective PRM-equipped sellers receive an email to start their day, which includes planned calls and tasks, status of current opportunities, and suggested engagement opportunities pulled from the social network. They quickly create a group of likely prospects or
needed contacts and send them a note via email, Twitter or LinkedIn.
They make regular presentations, online to potential prospects or customers via
GoToMeeting or WebEx, eliminating geography and travel time from their routine.
A system that listens
A powerful PRM tool “listens and filters” the data literally telling you:
  • Who are the people that fit into your ideal customer profile?
  • Who are you due to reconnect with?
  • Who’s saying what right now?
  • Who’s made a change in jobs or other areas of their life?
  • Who’s tweeted posted or shared something they thought was important.
  • Even who’s watching you!
  • What system will tap into the stream, listen and filter for you?
Nimble Tapping into the living data stream
We are excited about Nimble.
It does all of the above and more. It’s an amazingly powerful tool that constantly updates your contact info with input
from your team’s data and the social network. At the simplest level, when you enter a contact, Nimble searches the social network and can automatically link info from LinkedIn, Go
ogle+, FaceBook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. You even get a picture of your contact if it’s available.
Beyond the social network, Nimble delivers all the tools and features you need to supplement or
replace your existing CRM program. 
  • Contact info, including custom fields
  • Pending activities and historical data 
  • Email linking and management
  • Auto connection and updates from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more
  • Calendar with Google calendar sync
  • Imports from CSV, Outlook and other sources
  • Simple deal / opportunity management
  • Available on any computer or tablet browswer
  • There is also a phone version with a focus on contact info. iPhone only.
  • No software to install
Take the next step!
Tech.Sell is an authorized partner for Nimble. We provide the jump start your program needs to
get up and running quickly. That includes; complete support for imports,
customization, personalized training and ongoing coaching to build your program.
We would welcome the opportunity to show you the new world of PRM and Living data. Join us for one
of our regularly scheduled tours, or visit the Nimble area of our website at

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