Chasing the best 8″ tablet – Samsung Pro 8.4 vs. LG Google Play 8.3

Just when I thought I had the perfect tablet, the LG GPad Google Play Edition 8.3″, along comes Samsung with their new PRO line of tablets. Unable to resist the temptation to chase the latest technology, I opted for the new 8.4″ Pro. Here are my findings and comparisons.


Both units run the latest Android version 4.42 KitKat

The LG GPE (Google Play Edition) is pure Android with no bloatware software. The Samsung has a little but some of it is nice. The multi view gives you a little slide out menu that allows split screen operations of 2 programs.


The units are almost identical with 2-3 mm of each other. Of course if you bought cases for the LG, don’t think they will fit the slightly larger Samsung. The weights are very close.


Samsung 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 – LG 1.7 Ghz Snapdragon 600 The Samsung seems a bit smoother and quicker.


Here is a big area of difference with the edge going to the new Samsung.

Resolution 2560X1600 vs. 1920×1280

The Samsung Pro is brighter and the colors are truer. The LG has a slightly yellow cast to the whites.

Both screens are nice but again the edge to the Pro.


Edge to Samsung with an 8Mp camera with flash and lots of options vs a fairly stripped down 5MP rear camera.


Big difference here! Both unites had micro SD cards, but the LG is almost a joke. You can load it up with music videos, etc. on your computer and then insert it into the unit, but you can not write to it or access the files on it from the file explorer.

The Samsung allows total access to the SD card. The file manager let’s you write, copy drag and drop to the extra additional storage (up to 64 GB)


Another win for the Samsung. Much cleaner sound than the LG.


The 16 GB Samsung is priced at $399.00. The 16GB LG GPE is $349.00


The Samsung is a better buy. The only other question you might be asking is would you want to consider a iPad mini for the same price. The SD storage and more open user interface, in my opinion give the edge to Samsung Pro.

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