Manage Your Leads and Grow Your Business – With a Selling Machine

FACT: 87% of all leads are NEVER pursued!
WHY?Because most companies don’t have a Lead Tracking System!
Turning a lead into a customer takes NURTURING.
On average a typical lead requires 6.7 touches to become a sale, yet 48% of all reps quit after just ONE attempt!

What’s a Selling Machine? – A simple CRM based system to keep sellers on track while measuring results and improving accountability.

I am amazed at the number of sales opportunities that are literally forgotten about. I’m talking about people who want to buy! Quotes that were requested but never followed up on by the seller. Talk about throwing commissions and income down the drain.
Systems that don’t work. Spreadsheets, target lists, quarterly forecasts, all share a common problem. They are typically not realtime. These tools are usually submitted on a weekly monthly or quarterly basis. They are static and not dynamic. They are a pain for the sales rep to update. Consequently sellers deal with teh daily activities and put off the busy work of keeping current on this management paperwork. When calls are made, next actions should be created or status should be updated. This makes it easy to focus on the real current opportunities and move past the time wasters. A lead really has 3 possible choices. Current interest and potential, future potential or no potential.  Tech.Sell works with sales teams to implement a SELLING MACHINE. A simple yet powerful system to track every lead through the sales process by both the sales rep and the manager.
We create a lead tracking and sales process based upon best practices and your input.
Your program can include automated follow up calls, drip marketing and reports to measure results in real time.

“We use the program regularly and it serves as a great tool in our weekly sales
meetings.  From everything that I can see, and experience, it is progressing quite well.
In terms of sales improvement, I can say, with certainty, that the program has held our
sales team far more accountable for their follow-ups and this has greatly diminished
the issue of any prospects “falling through the cracks”
Lizzie Ephraim Modern Process Equipment, Inc.

Our experienced consultants will coach you and go through reports to make sure that the program becomes part of your sales system.

SELLING MACHINES can be built on all versions of GoldMine or our cloud based systems Salesnet and LeadMaster.  We also consult on other CRM systems.

What would a 50% improvement in lead conversion rate mean to your bottom line?

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