Nimble Smart Contacts for HootSuite, Chrome, Safari and Firefox – All the latest live info on anyone with a single click!

This morning we announced further additions to our Nimble Smart Contacts Everywhere strategy – The Nimble Smart Contacts Widgets for HootSuite, Chrome, Safari and Firefox lets you add, view and engage contacts to nurture relationships in every App in your browser.


Instant Relationship Intelligence, Everywhere You Work

“Let’s face it, most people engage business prospects in multiple tabs in their browser including their email inbox, Google search, social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and customer facing business apps like CRM, and they are overwhelmed by contacts and communications. Nimble brings relationship intelligence to their workflow and our customers are turning Nimble into a verb as they use our Smart Contacts widget to prepare for more authentic, relevant engagement,” said Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara. “When it comes to understanding who somebody is, the best-thing to do is to “Nimble” them, and then let Nimble’s smart profiling technology provide rich, contact insights and communications summary.”

“Nimble Insights” On Any Contact, Instantly From Any App in Your Browser

When you think about Smart Contact profiles, consider this example of how it can work for you. Let’s say you keep tabs on Who’s Viewed Your Profile in LinkedIn. You know that the CIO you want to meet just looked at your profile, but you don’t know why. You have no context. There are no clues to give you the insight you need to start a meaningful conversation. The Nimble Smart Contacts Widget changes all that.

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