FrontRange Softens Mandatory Maintenance Policy for Small Business and Single Users

If you want to upgrade the very old version of GoldMine on your system, but have been avoiding it because of the prohibitive cost, there may be a solution for you.

If you only need one or two licenses, you can purchase GoldMine or upgrade GoldMine Standard Edition with the “No-Maintenance” plan. This plan eliminates the mandatory first year annual maintenance and beyond, providing a savings of $417 annually, until you decide you want the support from FrontRange.

However, you won’t be alone if you do have problems – Tech.Sell is here to help you.* And as always, we’re here to answer questions, provide training, install, configure, etc.

At any time you can purchase an annual maintenance-support plan from FrontRange for $417. The maintenance plan allows you to download updates and upgrades during the time your plan is current, along with unlimited technical support.

So if you’re tired of trying to make that old GoldMine work on anything newer than XP and integrate with Office products older than Office 2007, consider this affordable plan.

I should note that FrontRange is testing the water with this policy and can pull it at any time. However, those who take advantage of it now will not be affected if that happens. Take advantage, though, while it’s available!

Contact us for questions.

*Support available at our normal rates. Contact us for details.