New Year, New Resolutions?

Happy New Year!

New year, new profile picture, ready to rock ‘n roll into 2015.  Resolutions?  No.

Resolutions are like diets – short term, no thought put into them and eventually they are forgotten.  What I am doing is making changes – changing the way I do business, changing the way I take care of myself.

No longer will I use the excuse that I don’t have time:  Time to increase my social selling presence; Time to go back and look at our marketing plan from last year; Time to get on the treadmill more.

Having no time is absolutely the truth and the reason we don’t get things done – it’s the truth, but it’s an excuse.

Am I going to find more time?  No.  However, I am going to rearrange my priorities and devote x number of hours to the things I lost sight of and let slip through the cracks.

So if anyone out there is like me and needs more time to get things done, you won’t find that time.

Whatever changes you make in your life or business, don’t put any more pressure on yourself than you already have – do it in baby steps.  That’s why you won’t see a daily presence of me or Tech.Sell on LinkedIn right away, but you’ll start seeing us more often.

And my treadmill won’t see me daily just yet either.  Baby steps!



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