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Hi I’m Lois Hursey, President of Tech.Sell.

For nearly 20 years we have helped our friends in small to mid sizes business
become more productive through technology.

We have learned that success in a small business CRM program is about applying
the software to your business issues.

We employ low cost, high payback solutions with fast payback times.

Whether it’s getting more from your customer base, staying on top of leads and
prospects, using electronic marketing or better measuring your sales teams‘ performance,
we make a difference in surprising little time. Build an overall plan and get to work on the low hanging fruit right away.

Talk to one of our small business coaches today. We’ll show you how to apply these technology tools to make a major difference in bottom line results.
A little coaching goes a long way! Put our years of sales and CRM experience on your team.

The first conversation is on us. If after that chat, you think we can make a difference,
rent us for a few hours. No long term commitments are required.


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