Training – SIMPLE KEY to CRM Success

What’s the simplest way to start and keep your CRM program moving forward?



Too many companies “save money” by ignoring training or by trying to figure it out themselves. For a minor investment why not enlist the aid of the experts to teach you the shortcuts and most productive uses of your CRM program. Start with a 1 hour on-line training session for GoldMine, Nimble, Pipeliner. See what happens when you have a little experience on your side!

“Oh wow I never knew you could do that!”

“Now I Get it”

“This is REALLY cool!”

“How come no on ever showed us that before?!”

We’ve lost track of the number of companies who have called us saying, “we’ve had GoldMine for years, but we really don’t use it for much more than an address book and calendar.” Learn the basics then turn on the juice!

  • Organizing your data for fun and profit
  • Creating filters groups and queries
  • Marketing with email templates
  • Automated follow up
  • Lead tracking
  • Add a sales process
  • Opportunity Management
  • Reporting to track key measurements

How do you know when people are trained?  When they “get it”! When they eagerly use the software to get their job done everyday.

Why choose Tech.Sell for your CRM training?

  • Tech.Sell has been applying the power of CRM – GoldMine and other CRM programs – through training and support since 1995.
  • We customize our training to directly answer your questions and the needs of your organization.
  • We offer on-line and on-site, one-on-one or group training, basic, intermediate and admin.


  • We offer onsite, web based, one-on-one, or admin training.
  • On-line training is fast and eliminates travel expense for remote users.
  • On-line training also allows splitting the training into chunks of time – eliminating the dreaded “dead brain cells syndrome”
  • Breakfast brainstorms or lunchtime learning sessions accomplish a lot in a little time.


  • Our background is sales management, sales process, customer service and marketing
  • We have been certified GoldMine Trainers for 19 years.
  • The Manager Coaching Program teaches owners and managers to use your CRM as a management tool.

Personalized Training

  • Customized agendas focused on your specific needs – no time wasted on features you will not use, at least not right away.
  • Provide Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Sales and Marketing Admin, Technical Admin
  • There are no hopeless cases.
  • There are no stupid questions.

If you have time to read a book great, but if you need results quickly, contact Tech.Sell.  Call (847-382-4500), email ( or complete the form below.  

(Sorry for the need to enter those funny characters at the bottom, but it eliminates tons of spam – thank you!)

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The End of CRM – Dead Data vs. PRM Living Data Part 2

CRM becomes PRM – The end of dead contact data!

In our first installment we looked at the move from dead customer data to “living” data, primarily brought to us by the
social network. Here we talk about how to take advantage of live data in a PRM – Personal relationship management system.
Let’s look at how to put Live Data to work.

Nimble 6
Old school territory management vs. SocialSelling
How do you approach your market or territory?
The good old way is to plan your day, get in your car and drive to see potentially interested
customers or prospects. Then sandwich in a few phone calls, respond to a few
emails, and get ready for the next day. How many contacts did you make – 6? 12?
Effective PRM-equipped sellers receive an email to start their day, which includes planned calls and tasks, status of current opportunities, and suggested engagement opportunities pulled from the social network. They quickly create a group of likely prospects or
needed contacts and send them a note via email, Twitter or LinkedIn.
They make regular presentations, online to potential prospects or customers via
GoToMeeting or WebEx, eliminating geography and travel time from their routine.
A system that listens
A powerful PRM tool “listens and filters” the data literally telling you:
  • Who are the people that fit into your ideal customer profile?
  • Who are you due to reconnect with?
  • Who’s saying what right now?
  • Who’s made a change in jobs or other areas of their life?
  • Who’s tweeted posted or shared something they thought was important.
  • Even who’s watching you!
  • What system will tap into the stream, listen and filter for you?
Nimble Tapping into the living data stream
We are excited about Nimble.
It does all of the above and more. It’s an amazingly powerful tool that constantly updates your contact info with input
from your team’s data and the social network. At the simplest level, when you enter a contact, Nimble searches the social network and can automatically link info from LinkedIn, Go
ogle+, FaceBook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. You even get a picture of your contact if it’s available.
Beyond the social network, Nimble delivers all the tools and features you need to supplement or
replace your existing CRM program. 
  • Contact info, including custom fields
  • Pending activities and historical data 
  • Email linking and management
  • Auto connection and updates from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more
  • Calendar with Google calendar sync
  • Imports from CSV, Outlook and other sources
  • Simple deal / opportunity management
  • Available on any computer or tablet browswer
  • There is also a phone version with a focus on contact info. iPhone only.
  • No software to install
Take the next step!
Tech.Sell is an authorized partner for Nimble. We provide the jump start your program needs to
get up and running quickly. That includes; complete support for imports,
customization, personalized training and ongoing coaching to build your program.
We would welcome the opportunity to show you the new world of PRM and Living data. Join us for one
of our regularly scheduled tours, or visit the Nimble area of our website at

The End of CRM and DEAD data – Welcome PRM and LIVING data

Move over CRM theres a new world of PRM – Personal
Relationship Managing has suddenly turned on the lights to increase sales and
engagement opportunities for sales teams.
In the last couple of
years the old world of CRM has changed dramatically. For the first 20 years or
so that I worked in the customer relationship management arena, we dealt with
importing and working with
.  All of the data on customers and prospects
was old, sometimes days, months or years.
By data I mean basic contact information;
names, addresses, email, phone, etc. More dedicated users of a good CRM system
updated each record with history of contacts, calls appointments etc. Still
this was old news. 
Suddenly all the informational rules changed with the social network. FaceBook, LinkedIn,
Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare, Blogs, to name a few of the more
established. Beyond these, new social informational sites open almost daily.
It seems everyone is dying to share every detail of his or her professional and personal life: What
and who they like; what they believe in; what they just purchased, reviews
of every product and service; where they are; pictures ,
selfies; tweets, blog articles, political
likes and dislikes, etc.
This Tsunami of information is anything but dead. People are updating and posting their data
What does this mean to the sales professional?
Well it means you better have a PRM surfboard to ride this big wave and not drown in the sea of
information. There is an incredible amount of valuable sales data pouring out of the internet every minute, and it
about your clients and prospects. If you aren
t listening, because you arent using a PRM tools, your
competitor is!!
Next Installment
How to Change Old Data to Living Data
Call us at 847-382-4500  to register for
our next tour of Nimble and the world of Living data! or fill out the form below!
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Chasing the best 8″ tablet – Samsung Pro 8.4 vs. LG Google Play 8.3

Just when I thought I had the perfect tablet, the LG GPad Google Play Edition 8.3″, along comes Samsung with their new PRO line of tablets. Unable to resist the temptation to chase the latest technology, I opted for the new 8.4″ Pro. Here are my findings and comparisons.


Both units run the latest Android version 4.42 KitKat

The LG GPE (Google Play Edition) is pure Android with no bloatware software. The Samsung has a little but some of it is nice. The multi view gives you a little slide out menu that allows split screen operations of 2 programs.


The units are almost identical with 2-3 mm of each other. Of course if you bought cases for the LG, don’t think they will fit the slightly larger Samsung. The weights are very close.


Samsung 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 – LG 1.7 Ghz Snapdragon 600 The Samsung seems a bit smoother and quicker.


Here is a big area of difference with the edge going to the new Samsung.

Resolution 2560X1600 vs. 1920×1280

The Samsung Pro is brighter and the colors are truer. The LG has a slightly yellow cast to the whites.

Both screens are nice but again the edge to the Pro.


Edge to Samsung with an 8Mp camera with flash and lots of options vs a fairly stripped down 5MP rear camera.


Big difference here! Both unites had micro SD cards, but the LG is almost a joke. You can load it up with music videos, etc. on your computer and then insert it into the unit, but you can not write to it or access the files on it from the file explorer.

The Samsung allows total access to the SD card. The file manager let’s you write, copy drag and drop to the extra additional storage (up to 64 GB)


Another win for the Samsung. Much cleaner sound than the LG.


The 16 GB Samsung is priced at $399.00. The 16GB LG GPE is $349.00


The Samsung is a better buy. The only other question you might be asking is would you want to consider a iPad mini for the same price. The SD storage and more open user interface, in my opinion give the edge to Samsung Pro.

Email Marketing Got You Down? Tech.Sell can help!

How to connect with customers and prospects faster than the competition?

  • Face to face calls with a street rep?
  • Phone contact by a sales rep or telemarketing rep?
  • Social network update?
  • Email?

All are good answers but email marketing can be an effective means of getting the word out quickly.

The question is how to use the tool and not be seen as a spammer.

With the help of a good email marketing tool and a plan, including what to say, to whom and how often you can see some major results and still remain on the good side of your clients.

Tech.Sell recommends Active Campaign as a email marketing tool. Some of what we like includes:

  • Many templates to get the ball rolling quickly with  a professional look.
  • Ability to bring in qualified contacts.
  • Tracking system to highlight bad addresses, bounce backs, opens, forwards, etc.
  • a drop system to set up campaigns for ongoing, programmed customer nurturing touches.

We are pleased to offer support for Active Campaign to get you up and running. We also offer marketing consulting to put your plans in place with Active Campaign.

Learn more here or call us at 847-382-4500

Active Campaign



5 Ways Small Businesses Can Stop Juggling and Make More Money


gimmeAs a small business owner you are constantly juggling time and money.Usually there isn’t enough of either to get everything done, in time and on budget.
While you’re trying to keep all the balls in the air, opportunities and profit can slip through your fingers. Leads get lost, quotes gather dust, marketing programs stay on the wish list and you just keep working harder!
Is there an answer? You bet! Simple, readily available technology programs can change all that. But maybe you don’t have the time or background to review, select and apply these powerful tools.
Wouldn’t it be great if you had a friend who could show you the way or do it all for you, without costing you an arm and a leg?
Good news! Tech.Sell helps small business use simple,  technology to bring more profit to the bottom line. We’ve been doing this since 1995.  We focus on 5 key areas that can make a difference for your company, and improve those juggling skills!
5 targets of a Tech.Sell small business program
Stop Lead Leak
Manage and follow up on every lead. Hot leads that inquired about your company are GOLD.
An amazing number of interested prospects never get a follow-up.


Quote Management – Quote follow up system?
Do you know the status of every quote?  Small businesses typically fail to follow up on quotes after they are submitted. Why bother to create a quote and never follow up on it. Quotes are GOLD.

Maximize your existing customers
A CRM system can give you the tools to MINE your customer history. Sell add-on products, renew contracts, sell maintenance programs and more. How about referrals from happy customers?
Targeted or to the masses – How often are you touching your customers and prospects? Your CRM system should make it easy to spread the word to build new opportunities. If you aren’t touching your customers on a regular basis, your competitors are. Use email and social networking to exponentially increase your sales team!

Measurement – What gets measured gets done
Do you have reports to quickly tell you where your sales force is spending their time? Who are they calling on, who are they missing? What is the status of opportunities and leads?
And the all-important question:
 Where is your new business coming from?


Tech.Sell can help you address these issues. Click here to schedule a complimentary personal call with a live, experienced, Tech.Sell small business coach.

Call 847-382-4500 or click here.

How Technology Can Help Small Businesses Grow Their Bottom Line!

quoting proposal software Quote Roller

Tap in the profit “Gimmes”
and grow your business!
Success in small business comes down to the little things. We call them the “gimmes”.

Things like hot leads that aren’t called back, quotes that aren’t followed up on, missed chances to touch a customer, birthdays, renewal dates, and more.

Tech.Sell implements affordable, effective systems
to sink those “gimmes” to your bottom line.
You won’t have to work with a robot – a live, experienced, coach will listen and be your guide.gimme

 Tech     Sell
Tech sell
Great News! Technology has gotten cheaper and easier.
Are you taking advantage of new cloud-based or on-premise tools that help you get WAY more done in less time?
Let Tech.Sell guide you to the right products and apply them to your business. We listen and recommend based upon experience, then implement. We can give you the fish or teach your team how to fish, or anything in between.
Watch your bottom line grow!

Learn more

Most sellers focus on what’s happening right now.
In the process, they may not do a great job of staying on top of the opportunity that came in last week or last month. No follow up means NO SALE!. Give them a system to remember follow ups, opportunities, deals, leads and schedules.

Help them mine new business from their customers with regular email touches and social network news.

Watch your bottom line grow!
Learn more

    hifive Improve your score…and bottom line!
Working closely with a pro makes all the difference in your golf score. Your company is no different. A Tech.Sell coach and system can make a big difference in little time. We can teach your team how to use the tools or handle your follow up and marketing programs for you. Call us to get started today!847-382-4500.
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How to tap in the profit "Gimmies" and grow your small business?

Don’t miss the “Gimmies” in your business!.. 
Success in small business comes down to the little things. We call them the “gimmies”.

Things like hot leads that aren’t called back, quotes that aren’t followed up on. Missed chances to touch a customer, birthdays, renewal dates, and more.

Great News! Technology has gotten cheaper and easier. Tech.Sell implements affordable, effective systems to sink those “gimmies” to your bottom line. By blending an array of on line and on premise programs Tech.Sell puts these key bits of information at hand on PC, Mac, tablets and phone. Follow up and critical info is not lost, but tracked measured by management and shared. 

Most sellers focus on what’s happening right now. In the process they may not do a great job of staying on top of the opportunity that came in last week or last month. No follow up means NO SALE!. Give them a system to remember follow ups, opportunities, deals, leads and schedules. 
Help them mine their customers with regular email touches and social network news. 
Watch your bottom line grow!

Improve your score…and bottom line!
Working closely with a pro makes all the difference in your golf score. Your business is no different. We’ve been in the Computer Aided Sales & Marketing business since 1995. A Tech.Sell coach and system can make a big difference in little time. We can teach your team how to use the tools or we can handle your follow up and marketing programs for you. 

Call us to get started today!847-382-4500.  Read more

Compare Costs of Cloud vs Premise Based CRM-Pros and Cons

Is a cloud based CRM system right for your company?

It’s hard to see a future of install disks and elaborate IT infrastructures in small to mid sized businesses. We want smaller, thinner, lighter and more mobile. Many laptops no longer have a removable disk drive. We download everything. Apple’s last two operating systems were only available on line as downloads. The world is full of apps, instead of desktops and servers. We have SmartPhones and tablets that can do it all.

So with that info under our hats, what does the future of Customer Relationship Management software look like? Will you host your own data on your server, on your network? Or will you just log on to the internet and get your work done? There are pros and cons for each approach. I’ll give you my view after nearly 20 years in the contact management and CRM business. Then we’d welcome your thoughts or input.

Pros and Cons – Premise Based
The selection of premise based CRM is getting smaller. Today there are only a handful of solid choices. ACT! is the granddaddy of them all, but over the years it has had issues and today is mostly suitable for small non-demanding installations. GoldMine has a 20 year history and has evolved into a very full featured product that provides a myriad of features for the small to midsized network. Maximizer continues to evolve and has become a hybrid solution, meaning it can be hosted or locally installed. SugarCRM, Sage and MS CRM also offer hybrid solutions.

Pros premise based:
Data  You know where your data is. If your internet connection goes down you are still in business. If the internet went down, you’d still have your valuable info.
Capabilities and features – In the case of GoldMine, there are many features that on line systems don’t offer without significant extra fees; customization, duplicate checking/merge purge, complex imports, global replacement of data, advanced reporting options, etc. (see 80 reasons to love Goldmine)
Use of existing IT infrastructure – If you have a developed network, the premise based solution can make sense.
Cost – Premise based gives you a relatively fixed cost. You pay for the software and then typically pay a low annual update and maintenance fee.

Start up costs – Initial cost of software, installation and possible IT hardware investments can be high.
Software headaches – Windows updates, software compatibility issues, etc. can waste time and money and slow down the organization waiting for a fix.

Pros and Cons – Cloud Based
Fast start up – Typically you can be up and running immediately following admin setup.
Mobility and flexibility – Cloud based systems are usually accessible from any mobile device or browser. Just log in.
No ongoing IT requirements
Lower startup cost

Never ending cost – For as long as you use the cloud based service you will have a monthly charge per user, whether they log in to the system or not.
Service costs – Can be high to manipulate your data or customize beyond the built in admin functions. This varies by system but we have heard some amazing numbers for seemingly “simple” customizations or support requests.
Speed – Your response time is directly related to the speed of your internet connection.
Features – Most cloud based systems offer a package of features to start; reports, dashboards, modules and basic storage levels, but may add significant up charges to add features needed to complete your system. These per user fees can really add up over time.

Basic cost comparison for a 10 user system – GoldMine vs. $50 /user/ month system Excludes customizations, consulting and training. We will make the assumption that these costs would be required either way and would be similar.
1st year cost 
GoldMine Software (New seats) – $695 x 10=$6950    Annual Update and Maint – $1390
Installation and setup – est. $1000    Total = $9340 or $934 per user
Cloud based – 10 users x $50 per month X 12 months = $6000 or $600 per user

2nd year cost
GoldMine Annual Update and Maint – $1390 or $139 per user
Cloud based – 10 users x $50 per month X 12 months = $6000 or $600 per user

2 Year Cost
GoldMine       $10,730 or $1,073 per user
Cloud based   $12,000 or $1,200 per user

Important keys to success or failure whichever way you go….We’ve learned over the years that more CRM programs fail than succeed. (Disappointing and expensive). Why?
Basically because it’s not just about buying, or subscribing to CRM software. It’s what you do with the software you buy.
You have to have a plan. Who MUST use it? How will they use it? What will they track and enter? How and what will you measure with reports? What are the short, medium and long term goals? Will management lead this program or will they feel that it’s for everyone else? Will you invest in ongoing training and coaching for at least 6 months?

Hopefully this info will help you in your decision making. To talk about your situation and get a guided tour of a CRM system that fits your needs,  CLICK here or call us at 847-382-4500 or visit our website.

Helping Small Businesses Solve Revenue Robbing Problems

It’s not just about software! We’ve been saying that for years. We believe the key to productivity improvement lies in applying available software to high payback opportunities that are often missed in small to mid-size businesses. 

Most of these problems, or opportunities center on lack of effective follow up systems. Specifically, managing leads and sales opportunities, email marketing programs, using social networks, tracking quotes.

Tech.Sell has spent nearly 20 years helping companies utilize CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to capture business opportunities.
We work with SMBs to build a simple system to track leads, outstanding quotes, existing customers, warranty expirations, birthdays, service or maintenance follow up dates and so much more. By letting the software track important activities and automatically remind you of a follow up date, sales increase significantly. 
We can set up your system and train you to use it, or do the work for you, while you run your business. That means building a tracking system, managing email marketing campaigns, tracking quotes, building a social marketing campaign.

We continue to offer and support GoldMine, but you’ll be hearing more from us on new cloud based solutions to these key issues. 
Get started with a complimentary, 20 minute initial on-line meeting to see where we can apply simple tools to build business at your company. 
Call us at 847-382-4500