Nimble Smart Contacts for HootSuite, Chrome, Safari and Firefox – All the latest live info on anyone with a single click!

This morning we announced further additions to our Nimble Smart Contacts Everywhere strategy – The Nimble Smart Contacts Widgets for HootSuite, Chrome, Safari and Firefox lets you add, view and engage contacts to nurture relationships in every App in your browser.


Instant Relationship Intelligence, Everywhere You Work

“Let’s face it, most people engage business prospects in multiple tabs in their browser including their email inbox, Google search, social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and customer facing business apps like CRM, and they are overwhelmed by contacts and communications. Nimble brings relationship intelligence to their workflow and our customers are turning Nimble into a verb as they use our Smart Contacts widget to prepare for more authentic, relevant engagement,” said Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara. “When it comes to understanding who somebody is, the best-thing to do is to “Nimble” them, and then let Nimble’s smart profiling technology provide rich, contact insights and communications summary.”

“Nimble Insights” On Any Contact, Instantly From Any App in Your Browser

When you think about Smart Contact profiles, consider this example of how it can work for you. Let’s say you keep tabs on Who’s Viewed Your Profile in LinkedIn. You know that the CIO you want to meet just looked at your profile, but you don’t know why. You have no context. There are no clues to give you the insight you need to start a meaningful conversation. The Nimble Smart Contacts Widget changes all that.

Read the full article here…

For a hands on tour of Nimble Contact Tech.Sell 

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The End of CRM – Dead Data vs. PRM Living Data Part 2

CRM becomes PRM – The end of dead contact data!

In our first installment we looked at the move from dead customer data to “living” data, primarily brought to us by the
social network. Here we talk about how to take advantage of live data in a PRM – Personal relationship management system.
Let’s look at how to put Live Data to work.

Nimble 6
Old school territory management vs. SocialSelling
How do you approach your market or territory?
The good old way is to plan your day, get in your car and drive to see potentially interested
customers or prospects. Then sandwich in a few phone calls, respond to a few
emails, and get ready for the next day. How many contacts did you make – 6? 12?
Effective PRM-equipped sellers receive an email to start their day, which includes planned calls and tasks, status of current opportunities, and suggested engagement opportunities pulled from the social network. They quickly create a group of likely prospects or
needed contacts and send them a note via email, Twitter or LinkedIn.
They make regular presentations, online to potential prospects or customers via
GoToMeeting or WebEx, eliminating geography and travel time from their routine.
A system that listens
A powerful PRM tool “listens and filters” the data literally telling you:
  • Who are the people that fit into your ideal customer profile?
  • Who are you due to reconnect with?
  • Who’s saying what right now?
  • Who’s made a change in jobs or other areas of their life?
  • Who’s tweeted posted or shared something they thought was important.
  • Even who’s watching you!
  • What system will tap into the stream, listen and filter for you?
Nimble Tapping into the living data stream
We are excited about Nimble.
It does all of the above and more. It’s an amazingly powerful tool that constantly updates your contact info with input
from your team’s data and the social network. At the simplest level, when you enter a contact, Nimble searches the social network and can automatically link info from LinkedIn, Go
ogle+, FaceBook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. You even get a picture of your contact if it’s available.
Beyond the social network, Nimble delivers all the tools and features you need to supplement or
replace your existing CRM program. 
  • Contact info, including custom fields
  • Pending activities and historical data 
  • Email linking and management
  • Auto connection and updates from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more
  • Calendar with Google calendar sync
  • Imports from CSV, Outlook and other sources
  • Simple deal / opportunity management
  • Available on any computer or tablet browswer
  • There is also a phone version with a focus on contact info. iPhone only.
  • No software to install
Take the next step!
Tech.Sell is an authorized partner for Nimble. We provide the jump start your program needs to
get up and running quickly. That includes; complete support for imports,
customization, personalized training and ongoing coaching to build your program.
We would welcome the opportunity to show you the new world of PRM and Living data. Join us for one
of our regularly scheduled tours, or visit the Nimble area of our website at

The End of CRM and DEAD data – Welcome PRM and LIVING data

Move over CRM theres a new world of PRM – Personal
Relationship Managing has suddenly turned on the lights to increase sales and
engagement opportunities for sales teams.
In the last couple of
years the old world of CRM has changed dramatically. For the first 20 years or
so that I worked in the customer relationship management arena, we dealt with
importing and working with
.  All of the data on customers and prospects
was old, sometimes days, months or years.
By data I mean basic contact information;
names, addresses, email, phone, etc. More dedicated users of a good CRM system
updated each record with history of contacts, calls appointments etc. Still
this was old news. 
Suddenly all the informational rules changed with the social network. FaceBook, LinkedIn,
Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare, Blogs, to name a few of the more
established. Beyond these, new social informational sites open almost daily.
It seems everyone is dying to share every detail of his or her professional and personal life: What
and who they like; what they believe in; what they just purchased, reviews
of every product and service; where they are; pictures ,
selfies; tweets, blog articles, political
likes and dislikes, etc.
This Tsunami of information is anything but dead. People are updating and posting their data
What does this mean to the sales professional?
Well it means you better have a PRM surfboard to ride this big wave and not drown in the sea of
information. There is an incredible amount of valuable sales data pouring out of the internet every minute, and it
about your clients and prospects. If you aren
t listening, because you arent using a PRM tools, your
competitor is!!
Next Installment
How to Change Old Data to Living Data
Call us at 847-382-4500  to register for
our next tour of Nimble and the world of Living data! or fill out the form below!
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Google Drive Integration With Nimble

Great News from Nimble… 
Nimble now makes it easy to link documents, quotes and more to your contact records. 
They have now made it easy to link docs from both Google drive and Drop box. 
Check out the announcement below. To see Nimble in action call us at 847-382-4500 or click here 

Drive Integration

I have great news to share today – we now support Google Drive file attachments in Nimble.
You may attach files to Deals or Contacts.

To attach to a Contact, select “Attach File” and “Attach from Google Drive” to authorize yourself to your Dive account, then select your files!

To attach to a specific Deal, select “Attach from” and choose “Google Drive”. Then authorize, and select your files.

If you have any questions, please email
Best regards,
Joseph Kelly
Joseph Kelly
Customer Advocate , Nimble 

3 Tips for Growing Your Business with Content Marketing


Sep 24, 2013 | By 

lawn with tree

Great marketing attracts the attention of buyers, and then hopefully engages them with your business in meaningful ways. While this is possible with traditional advertising, it is more readily done with content marketing.

In many ways, content marketing accomplishes what has traditionally been the responsibility of the sales team: Educating buyers about the company’s products and services and how they can help them.

These days, buyers are usually quite knowledgeable about your products and how they stack up against the competition, thanks to social media commentary and other information on the web.

jf quote

If that information is your marketing content, it will encourage buyers to know, like, and ultimately trust your business, even before you are aware of the digital relationship you have with them.  Design your content marketing strategy to leverage that possibility.


 The Social Marketing Process ©Jeff Korhan

#1 – Business Knowledge is Attractive

If a prospective buyer does not know about your business, content marketing can help make that vital first connection. By providing answers to the questions they are searching the web for, you instantly make your business attractive.

You know your customers and understand their desires, as well as the challenges they may have with fulfilling them. So, regularly publishing solutions to their most relevant problems encourages them to move forward with your business.

Doubt stops buyers in their tracks, so when I operated the landscape business I founded, we not only addressed the problems our competitors were reluctant to discuss; we also brought up what our customers did not know enough to ask about. Just suggesting that there is more to know is an attractive content marketing tactic.

More than half of what landscape customers pay for is underground, and therefore easily disregarded. This includes the proper foundation for a patio, the vigorous root system of locally-grown plants, and an irrigation system that doesn’t have to be dug up to replace inferior valves that later fail.

Making them more aware of this always proved refreshing. This was before the Internet, so we used white papers and traditional selling practices to communicate this. These days we would use our blog — a content marketing asset that works around the clock to help our customers make more informed buying decisions.

#2 – Helpful Engagement is Likeable

The surest way to get people liking your business is to help them. This engages them to talk favorably about it, and that’s a powerful form of marketing that is also quite memorable.

To do this, consider providing useful information that preferably relates to your business. As one example, a tree care company could provide tips for keeping trees healthy,  thereby ensuring the outdoor environment is both beautiful and safe.

Going a step further, it could address other aspects of home or office safety to extend its brand awareness beyond just enjoying the outdoors. Using content to communicate that your business is truly interested in the overall well-being of your customers is a viable practice for being more likeable.

#3 – Trust Leads to Profitable Outcomes

Likability naturally leads to trust, which is a necessary ingredient for converting engagement into sales, especially when you consider that most consumers do not trust businesses until they get to know the people behind them. Trust is the end game of content marketing.

Other than making that first contact with a buyer, the most valuable use of your content is just after the sale is made.  This is when they may have unanswered questions about how to best use what they bought.

Instead of asking them to quantify their satisfaction with a survey, anticipate their needs and give them more. Surprise them with content that seems to be personally speaking to them!

In a digital world of abundant fans and followers, smart marketers are learning to use their content to create a feeling of intimacy with their customers.

We may call this practice content marketing, but the truth is content is blurring the lines between traditional sales, marketing, and customer service.

Who do people really trust? — Their friends.

Just being a friend who people know, like, and trust is a valid strategy for growing your business with content.

Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the author of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business (Wiley 2013), which delivers proven methods for converting social marketing best practices into profitable outcomes.  He can be reached at New Media and Small Business Marketing

HootSuite and Nimble Together = Social Selling Super Powers


Oct 31, 2013 | By 

hs install app

Today we are very proud to announce that the Nimble app integration with HootSuite now supports Nimble Contacts. With the updated and enhanced HootSuite integration, users add the benefits of Nimble’s insightful relationship management features from their HootSuite dashboard, making for more efficient, enjoyable, and productive social selling workflows.

HootSuite is the premier social relationship platform that makes it possible to collaboratively execute social media strategies across networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ Pages from one secure, web-based dashboard.

Already a HootSuite user? Use this link to Install the Nimble app for HootSuite now!

If you don’t have a HootSuite account, sign up here to Install Nimble in your HootSuite dashboard.



From your HootSuite dashboard, you can see and act  on any of your contacts using your Nimble account.

Nimble Contacts Widget for Hootsuite-495

As you use HootSuite to monitor and build your social media presence, establish credibility, and engage, now you can take any actions you would normally do in Nimble, without leaving HootSuite. For example:

  • Add, edit, or update your Nimble contact records.

  • Check on any of your contacts’ social networks and reach out on other channels.

  • Assign a Tag to segment contacts.

  • Use Nimble’s Mark as Important star system so timely messages stay front and center.

  • Set a schedule with the Stay in Touch reminder system (If you fall out of touch, Nimble will remind you).

  • Add and Assign Activities to yourself or your team members.

  • Add Task reminders for future actions you need to remember.

  • See how you and your team are connected to anyone in your network.

Barbara Giamanco, author of  The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media, has been beta testing the enhanced version of the Nimble app for HootSuite (and will join the panel on an upcoming Nimble webinar in November).  Her thoughts about the benefits of using social media worktools to boost social selling processes:

“The face of social selling is changing rapidly — a significant expansion from selling via traditional methods. In today’s sales environment, you need a holistic view of all your contacts — and all the social networks where they have a presence.  Without the Nimble Contacts app now available for HootSuite, you’d be flying blind. With the app, you expand your access to the context that helps you gauge the immediate needs of customers and leads. With the app, you switch from a narrow view to being able to see your complete shared history and details, raising the odds of creating a successful buying opportunity, as well as a natural way to deepen the relationship over the long term.”

Benefits of the Nimble/HootSuite integration to your social selling success:

  • Rapidly review and respond on any channel — drop a quick email, look over your shared history, scan your contact’s social footprint, and more.

  • Add leads and new contacts effortlessly.

  • Reach out one-to-one with relevant touches to deepen and nurture relationships over time.

  • Conduct research and qualify customers and leads — view profiles to establish market fit and judge readiness of potential customers.

  • View buying triggers, monitor interest, and respond to promising signals.

  • Engage and educate — provide content customized to need, trend, or expressed interest.

“For the power HootSuite user, this integration is epic!! As integrations go, you have done a first-class fantastic job — about as complete an integration as I have seen from anybody period!  Craig M. Jamieson, Owner, Sales Results

“I use the app when I don’t recognize the name of someone who sent me a direct message or mentioned me in a tag. I can easily click on their picture and view their profile, and that helps make sure I’m making solid connections. It helps me save time.” – Alice Heiman, sales expert

Using Nimble and HootSuite in a complementary way creates a “righteous cycle” of monitoring, listening to, engaging with, and organizing your most important relationships.  Now it’s possible to leverage your most powerful and valuable asset — your relationships — to support social selling behaviors.

“This new app is a real boost to my workflow. It puts all the goodness of Nimble right there in my HootSuite account. As I prospect on HootSuite, Nimble is always at hand to support me — and save me time.” – Barbara Giamanco

Helpful Links:

Many thanks to our beta testers for their time and feedback. As always, we are grateful for the support of our user community.

Nimble App for Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook 2013 Joins the Microsoft Office Store!


Oct  28 Nimble App for Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook 2013 Joins the Microsoft Office Store!

Oct 28, 2013 | By 
Nimble-Outlook-App-w-Social-Tab(Click image for larger view)

Today, we are excited to announce a new Nimble Contacts Widget for Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook 2013. The new Nimble App for Microsoft Office makes it easy for Office and Outlook users to take action from their Nimble full and detailed view of any contact — right from their email!

Get your Nimble Contacts Widget for Outlook now!

That’s right, you can now access any Nimble Contact Record within Outlook as you review your email.  We know how much of your day is spent conducting email tasks, and now we’re right there to help.

Click on the Nimble Contact card,  and immediately take action to grow relationships in an even more efficient and productive way without jumping from app to app or browser to browser.

Our mission is to save you time and keystrokes, by presenting all the information you need to interact meaningfully — to build, deepen, and nurture your most important asset — your business relationships.


Here’s what Outlook users can do by using the Nimble Contacts Widget from within email:

  • See contact Name, Title, Bio, Description, and more

  • See the Last Contacted date (by you or your team)

  • Mark a contact as Important

  • Set Stay in Touch Reminders

  • Monitor and post to social streams like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+

  • See all contact history (including messages on social channels)

  • Manage Deals, Activities, Tasks, Notes, and Reminders — and create new ones

  • Import contacts Into Nimble

  • Edit and save a contact’s information

Nimble is constantly working to improve your workflow, productivity, and efficiency as you juggle the tasks and details of thousands of people and companies. We continue to automate  processes that foster genuine person-to-person engagement with prospects and customers — creating an airtight system where important opportunities for engagement don’t fall through the cracks.

Our current motto is: Nimble Everywhere! We’re building Nimble to fit into leading applications that business people live in as they address their daily workflow. Look for more widget news shortly!

Support Article on Installation

Nimble 3.0 is Here! New Features Add Insights to Your Relationships


Nimble 3.0 is Here!

New Features Add Insights to Your Relationships

Tech.Sell is very excited about the new features of Nimble 3.0. Intuitive is an overused word, but you have to try it to see how Nimble keeps your connections in front of you!

What’s Up, !

We have some exciting news for you! Today we launched Nimble 3.0! — more insights, more engagement, more action.

Meet Nimble 3.0 – the Simply Insightful Relationship Manager

Here are the most exciting additions to the latest version of Nimble:

  1. Start with Today. No more wasted time sorting through noisy networks –Nimble will surface important people and signals for you. The Today Screen is where you can immediately act on the intelligence Nimble surfaces to you each day. Here you see your Engagement Opportunities (birthdays and job changes), Upcoming Activities, and Deals in your pipeline. 
  2. Actionable Insights. Our new Signals Page presents notifications across social networks (invitations, likes, shares, connection requests, and mentions) to help you proactively take advantage of opportunities in real-time. Filter your streams by what is most important to you and take action.
  3. Stay in Touch. The new Last Contacted feature and Reminder tool make it effortless to stay informed and engaged with your contacts. You can easily see who you’re losing touch with or have not been in contact with in a given time period.
  4. Apps Galore! Nimble understands that your workflow doesn’t start and end with our solution. So we’re announcing over 100 new integrations with popular worktools through our Apps Marketplace.

To learn more please visit our What’s New page and read the Nimble 3.0 announcement blog post.


Try Nimble 3.0 for Yourself

What are you waiting for? Start a free trial right now!!  Experience how Nimble is making managing your contacts even easier. Learn more download literature!

Nimble Today Keeps Everything in Front of You

Staying on top of you day and contacts keeps getting more complicated. 
It’s not just looking up contacts in the address book and checking email and calendar, but now you need to check your feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. 
You are dealing with a myriad of moving targets. And each target may represent a new opporuntity to connect. 
Nimble CRM has alway done a good job of amalgamating this info but now it adds The Today tab which pulls everything into one of the simplest layouts we’ve seen. 
The Today tab is an exciting new feature which  lays the foundation for Nimble to begin surfacing intelligence, insights and engagement opportunities for our Nimble users based on the signals of their emails, calendars and social graph.  

The Today Page has four main sections: 

Birthdays and Job Changes  

Your Engagement Opportunities  
– Likes, retweets, mentions, follows, and favorites from your networks. 

Upcoming Deals 
– A preview of your upcoming deals, who is involved, and the amount. 

To Do Today 
– A list of your Activities today
To learn more about how Nimble can help you stay on top of your day and contacts, connect with us at Tech.Sell or call us at 847-382-4500. 

Nimble adds nifty notification features

New Product Features From Nimble

Empower Teamwork with Task Notifications
With Nimble’s new task notifications, tasks you create for yourself or assign to others will never fall through the cracks. You’ll receive alerts when tasks get assigned to you, or when the tasks you assigned to someone else gets completed, reassigned, or deleted. You’ll also get alerted when a team member comments on your task or on one you assigned to someone else.  
3 Types of Notifications:
Notification Counter
Nimble counts the number of unread task notifications and displays them on the top-left corner of the application. 
 Click on the Nimble icon to see more details about the tasks. 
Pop-up Window Notifications
If you are using Nimble when a notification occurs, a popup window will appear. 
Email Notifications
Email notifications are perfect for when you’re away from Nimble. Not only will you get alerted about the task, but you’ll also get the full description, comment history, and contacts or deals related to the task.