The End of CRM and DEAD data – Welcome PRM and LIVING data

Move over CRM theres a new world of PRM – Personal
Relationship Managing has suddenly turned on the lights to increase sales and
engagement opportunities for sales teams.
In the last couple of
years the old world of CRM has changed dramatically. For the first 20 years or
so that I worked in the customer relationship management arena, we dealt with
importing and working with
.  All of the data on customers and prospects
was old, sometimes days, months or years.
By data I mean basic contact information;
names, addresses, email, phone, etc. More dedicated users of a good CRM system
updated each record with history of contacts, calls appointments etc. Still
this was old news. 
Suddenly all the informational rules changed with the social network. FaceBook, LinkedIn,
Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare, Blogs, to name a few of the more
established. Beyond these, new social informational sites open almost daily.
It seems everyone is dying to share every detail of his or her professional and personal life: What
and who they like; what they believe in; what they just purchased, reviews
of every product and service; where they are; pictures ,
selfies; tweets, blog articles, political
likes and dislikes, etc.
This Tsunami of information is anything but dead. People are updating and posting their data
What does this mean to the sales professional?
Well it means you better have a PRM surfboard to ride this big wave and not drown in the sea of
information. There is an incredible amount of valuable sales data pouring out of the internet every minute, and it
about your clients and prospects. If you aren
t listening, because you arent using a PRM tools, your
competitor is!!
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How to Change Old Data to Living Data
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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Stop Juggling and Make More Money


gimmeAs a small business owner you are constantly juggling time and money.Usually there isn’t enough of either to get everything done, in time and on budget.
While you’re trying to keep all the balls in the air, opportunities and profit can slip through your fingers. Leads get lost, quotes gather dust, marketing programs stay on the wish list and you just keep working harder!
Is there an answer? You bet! Simple, readily available technology programs can change all that. But maybe you don’t have the time or background to review, select and apply these powerful tools.
Wouldn’t it be great if you had a friend who could show you the way or do it all for you, without costing you an arm and a leg?
Good news! Tech.Sell helps small business use simple,  technology to bring more profit to the bottom line. We’ve been doing this since 1995.  We focus on 5 key areas that can make a difference for your company, and improve those juggling skills!
5 targets of a Tech.Sell small business program
Stop Lead Leak
Manage and follow up on every lead. Hot leads that inquired about your company are GOLD.
An amazing number of interested prospects never get a follow-up.


Quote Management – Quote follow up system?
Do you know the status of every quote?  Small businesses typically fail to follow up on quotes after they are submitted. Why bother to create a quote and never follow up on it. Quotes are GOLD.

Maximize your existing customers
A CRM system can give you the tools to MINE your customer history. Sell add-on products, renew contracts, sell maintenance programs and more. How about referrals from happy customers?
Targeted or to the masses – How often are you touching your customers and prospects? Your CRM system should make it easy to spread the word to build new opportunities. If you aren’t touching your customers on a regular basis, your competitors are. Use email and social networking to exponentially increase your sales team!

Measurement – What gets measured gets done
Do you have reports to quickly tell you where your sales force is spending their time? Who are they calling on, who are they missing? What is the status of opportunities and leads?
And the all-important question:
 Where is your new business coming from?


Tech.Sell can help you address these issues. Click here to schedule a complimentary personal call with a live, experienced, Tech.Sell small business coach.

Call 847-382-4500 or click here.

Take a look at Nimble New Video Tour

Nimble is the new way to organize and stay on top of all your social connections.
Here is a video tour that shows you how valuable and EASY Nimble can be.

Oh and did I mention that your single user copy is FREE?

A Team version is available and for a limited time you can invite other members of your team to share your Nimble environment.
Check it out! or get your Key Code Here!

Nimble wins 2010 Willy award for SAAS SOHO


Nimble CRM has been awarded the WILLY  award by Rich Bohn of He is excited about the promise of this new CRM program in the burgeoning world of Social CRM. 

Sellmorenow has been reviewing and rating CRM systems for many years. See what they have to say about Nimble

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Coming Soon to Social CRM – Nimble

Social CRM is a rumbling volcano, that we believe will be a major story and direction enhancement for many companies during 2011.  

How do you tap into the social networking scene? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so many more. This is a world where you deal with people talking and updating daily! No more dead data, from some imported mailing list? It’s a lot like when e-mail was new and there was a thing called the internet and they had these silly web page things. Remember? 

We’ve been watching a program called Nimble. It’s a whole new approach to CRM from the social networking perspective. Nimble is the brainchild of Jon Ferrara, co-founder of GoldMine. Jon is a true visionary and after taking time to raise his young family and enjoy life, he’s back with a new passion – Nimble CRM. 

Here is a quick snapshot of Nimble, there will be more to come in the weeks ahead…

Nimble is a social relationship management solution that expands on the traditional notion of customer relationship management by transforming your entire community into business opportunity. It does this by leveraging the best of customer relationship management, social media and communication tools to engage any individual no matter where they are talking.

Nimble elegantly combines contact management, activity management, sales and marketing automation, traditional and social media communication tools, and collaboration features into one affordable Web-based solution. 

Unlike bloated CRM systems, Nimble is designed for simplicity. Its easy-to-navigate interface is based on decades of practical relationship management experience and has been intentionally developed with intuitive screens to get you up and running easily, and to find business-critical information in a single mouse click.

With Nimble, the heavy lifting is done for you. Connect Nimble to any social network (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, IM, Skype and more) and Nimble will unify all your contacts and empower you to send or receive messages. It also automatically searches social media sites, identifies interested prospects and ranks those individuals according to their business potential. Once key information is identified, fully integrated collaboration tools allow you to share that information among those who need it most in order to accelerate sales, marketing and support processes. And as a Web-based solution, you can rest assured that your information is always accessible, no matter where you happen to be.

Nimble is designed to fit your needs. As an individual user, you will enjoy many of Nimble’s powerful features free-of-charge. As a small company, you can realize all of the benefits of Nimble’s product family for one low monthly subscription. And since Nimble is a Web-based solution, there are no costly IT infrastructures or yearly maintenance contracts – you simply import your contacts and you’re off and running.

In today’s social connected world, Nimble is simply the best way to grow your business.

For more info on, or to try Nimble, call us at 847-382-4500 or shoot us an email to join our mailing list.