New Year, New Resolutions?

Happy New Year!

New year, new profile picture, ready to rock ‘n roll into 2015.  Resolutions?  No.

Resolutions are like diets – short term, no thought put into them and eventually they are forgotten.  What I am doing is making changes – changing the way I do business, changing the way I take care of myself.

No longer will I use the excuse that I don’t have time:  Time to increase my social selling presence; Time to go back and look at our marketing plan from last year; Time to get on the treadmill more.

Having no time is absolutely the truth and the reason we don’t get things done – it’s the truth, but it’s an excuse.

Am I going to find more time?  No.  However, I am going to rearrange my priorities and devote x number of hours to the things I lost sight of and let slip through the cracks.

So if anyone out there is like me and needs more time to get things done, you won’t find that time.

Whatever changes you make in your life or business, don’t put any more pressure on yourself than you already have – do it in baby steps.  That’s why you won’t see a daily presence of me or Tech.Sell on LinkedIn right away, but you’ll start seeing us more often.

And my treadmill won’t see me daily just yet either.  Baby steps!



Training – SIMPLE KEY to CRM Success

What’s the simplest way to start and keep your CRM program moving forward?



Too many companies “save money” by ignoring training or by trying to figure it out themselves. For a minor investment why not enlist the aid of the experts to teach you the shortcuts and most productive uses of your CRM program. Start with a 1 hour on-line training session for GoldMine, Nimble, Pipeliner. See what happens when you have a little experience on your side!

“Oh wow I never knew you could do that!”

“Now I Get it”

“This is REALLY cool!”

“How come no on ever showed us that before?!”

We’ve lost track of the number of companies who have called us saying, “we’ve had GoldMine for years, but we really don’t use it for much more than an address book and calendar.” Learn the basics then turn on the juice!

  • Organizing your data for fun and profit
  • Creating filters groups and queries
  • Marketing with email templates
  • Automated follow up
  • Lead tracking
  • Add a sales process
  • Opportunity Management
  • Reporting to track key measurements

How do you know when people are trained?  When they “get it”! When they eagerly use the software to get their job done everyday.

Why choose Tech.Sell for your CRM training?

  • Tech.Sell has been applying the power of CRM – GoldMine and other CRM programs – through training and support since 1995.
  • We customize our training to directly answer your questions and the needs of your organization.
  • We offer on-line and on-site, one-on-one or group training, basic, intermediate and admin.


  • We offer onsite, web based, one-on-one, or admin training.
  • On-line training is fast and eliminates travel expense for remote users.
  • On-line training also allows splitting the training into chunks of time – eliminating the dreaded “dead brain cells syndrome”
  • Breakfast brainstorms or lunchtime learning sessions accomplish a lot in a little time.


  • Our background is sales management, sales process, customer service and marketing
  • We have been certified GoldMine Trainers for 19 years.
  • The Manager Coaching Program teaches owners and managers to use your CRM as a management tool.

Personalized Training

  • Customized agendas focused on your specific needs – no time wasted on features you will not use, at least not right away.
  • Provide Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Sales and Marketing Admin, Technical Admin
  • There are no hopeless cases.
  • There are no stupid questions.

If you have time to read a book great, but if you need results quickly, contact Tech.Sell.  Call (847-382-4500), email ( or complete the form below.  

(Sorry for the need to enter those funny characters at the bottom, but it eliminates tons of spam – thank you!)

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FrontRange Softens Mandatory Maintenance Policy for Small Business and Single Users

If you want to upgrade the very old version of GoldMine on your system, but have been avoiding it because of the prohibitive cost, there may be a solution for you.

If you only need one or two licenses, you can purchase GoldMine or upgrade GoldMine Standard Edition with the “No-Maintenance” plan. This plan eliminates the mandatory first year annual maintenance and beyond, providing a savings of $417 annually, until you decide you want the support from FrontRange.

However, you won’t be alone if you do have problems – Tech.Sell is here to help you.* And as always, we’re here to answer questions, provide training, install, configure, etc.

At any time you can purchase an annual maintenance-support plan from FrontRange for $417. The maintenance plan allows you to download updates and upgrades during the time your plan is current, along with unlimited technical support.

So if you’re tired of trying to make that old GoldMine work on anything newer than XP and integrate with Office products older than Office 2007, consider this affordable plan.

I should note that FrontRange is testing the water with this policy and can pull it at any time. However, those who take advantage of it now will not be affected if that happens. Take advantage, though, while it’s available!

Contact us for questions.

*Support available at our normal rates. Contact us for details.

Manage Your Leads and Grow Your Business – With a Selling Machine

FACT: 87% of all leads are NEVER pursued!
WHY?Because most companies don’t have a Lead Tracking System!
Turning a lead into a customer takes NURTURING.
On average a typical lead requires 6.7 touches to become a sale, yet 48% of all reps quit after just ONE attempt!

What’s a Selling Machine? – A simple CRM based system to keep sellers on track while measuring results and improving accountability.

I am amazed at the number of sales opportunities that are literally forgotten about. I’m talking about people who want to buy! Quotes that were requested but never followed up on by the seller. Talk about throwing commissions and income down the drain.
Systems that don’t work. Spreadsheets, target lists, quarterly forecasts, all share a common problem. They are typically not realtime. These tools are usually submitted on a weekly monthly or quarterly basis. They are static and not dynamic. They are a pain for the sales rep to update. Consequently sellers deal with teh daily activities and put off the busy work of keeping current on this management paperwork. When calls are made, next actions should be created or status should be updated. This makes it easy to focus on the real current opportunities and move past the time wasters. A lead really has 3 possible choices. Current interest and potential, future potential or no potential.  Tech.Sell works with sales teams to implement a SELLING MACHINE. A simple yet powerful system to track every lead through the sales process by both the sales rep and the manager.
We create a lead tracking and sales process based upon best practices and your input.
Your program can include automated follow up calls, drip marketing and reports to measure results in real time.

“We use the program regularly and it serves as a great tool in our weekly sales
meetings.  From everything that I can see, and experience, it is progressing quite well.
In terms of sales improvement, I can say, with certainty, that the program has held our
sales team far more accountable for their follow-ups and this has greatly diminished
the issue of any prospects “falling through the cracks”
Lizzie Ephraim Modern Process Equipment, Inc.

Our experienced consultants will coach you and go through reports to make sure that the program becomes part of your sales system.

SELLING MACHINES can be built on all versions of GoldMine or our cloud based systems Salesnet and LeadMaster.  We also consult on other CRM systems.

What would a 50% improvement in lead conversion rate mean to your bottom line?

Call us at 847-382-4500 to speak to a consultant    

3 Tips for Growing Your Business with Content Marketing


Sep 24, 2013 | By 

lawn with tree

Great marketing attracts the attention of buyers, and then hopefully engages them with your business in meaningful ways. While this is possible with traditional advertising, it is more readily done with content marketing.

In many ways, content marketing accomplishes what has traditionally been the responsibility of the sales team: Educating buyers about the company’s products and services and how they can help them.

These days, buyers are usually quite knowledgeable about your products and how they stack up against the competition, thanks to social media commentary and other information on the web.

jf quote

If that information is your marketing content, it will encourage buyers to know, like, and ultimately trust your business, even before you are aware of the digital relationship you have with them.  Design your content marketing strategy to leverage that possibility.


 The Social Marketing Process ©Jeff Korhan

#1 – Business Knowledge is Attractive

If a prospective buyer does not know about your business, content marketing can help make that vital first connection. By providing answers to the questions they are searching the web for, you instantly make your business attractive.

You know your customers and understand their desires, as well as the challenges they may have with fulfilling them. So, regularly publishing solutions to their most relevant problems encourages them to move forward with your business.

Doubt stops buyers in their tracks, so when I operated the landscape business I founded, we not only addressed the problems our competitors were reluctant to discuss; we also brought up what our customers did not know enough to ask about. Just suggesting that there is more to know is an attractive content marketing tactic.

More than half of what landscape customers pay for is underground, and therefore easily disregarded. This includes the proper foundation for a patio, the vigorous root system of locally-grown plants, and an irrigation system that doesn’t have to be dug up to replace inferior valves that later fail.

Making them more aware of this always proved refreshing. This was before the Internet, so we used white papers and traditional selling practices to communicate this. These days we would use our blog — a content marketing asset that works around the clock to help our customers make more informed buying decisions.

#2 – Helpful Engagement is Likeable

The surest way to get people liking your business is to help them. This engages them to talk favorably about it, and that’s a powerful form of marketing that is also quite memorable.

To do this, consider providing useful information that preferably relates to your business. As one example, a tree care company could provide tips for keeping trees healthy,  thereby ensuring the outdoor environment is both beautiful and safe.

Going a step further, it could address other aspects of home or office safety to extend its brand awareness beyond just enjoying the outdoors. Using content to communicate that your business is truly interested in the overall well-being of your customers is a viable practice for being more likeable.

#3 – Trust Leads to Profitable Outcomes

Likability naturally leads to trust, which is a necessary ingredient for converting engagement into sales, especially when you consider that most consumers do not trust businesses until they get to know the people behind them. Trust is the end game of content marketing.

Other than making that first contact with a buyer, the most valuable use of your content is just after the sale is made.  This is when they may have unanswered questions about how to best use what they bought.

Instead of asking them to quantify their satisfaction with a survey, anticipate their needs and give them more. Surprise them with content that seems to be personally speaking to them!

In a digital world of abundant fans and followers, smart marketers are learning to use their content to create a feeling of intimacy with their customers.

We may call this practice content marketing, but the truth is content is blurring the lines between traditional sales, marketing, and customer service.

Who do people really trust? — Their friends.

Just being a friend who people know, like, and trust is a valid strategy for growing your business with content.

Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the author of Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business (Wiley 2013), which delivers proven methods for converting social marketing best practices into profitable outcomes.  He can be reached at New Media and Small Business Marketing

Check out our new website! on WordPress


new websiteWe’ve been working on a new website and would love to get your feedback.

As part of our focus on helping small and mid-sized business put affordable technology to work, we built our website using WordPress.  We wanted to build hands on experience with a very popular tool that we can offer our customers.

This was a fast low cost way of putting up a site with all the latest technologies.

Hosting for the WordPress site was under $100 per year. Using the WordPress software is free. WordPress offers hundreds of free templates and thousands more for less than $100 each.

The benefit of a template is that half of the work is already done.  A consistent design including fonts’ colors, etc. is already done for you. The template includes menus, blog postings, graphics, SEO Search engine optkmization,  and on and on. The design automatically adjusts for mobile devices.

If you get a chance to stop buy, let us know what you think.

If your website is a little tired let’s talk about howTech.Sell and WordPress can make it easy to “put on a new face”.

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GoldMine Premium 2013.1 is Available – Office 2013 and Constant Contact Integration!

Subject: GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 Goes Gold

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of GoldMine is now available to customers and prospects!

Exciting new features and enhancements include:

  • Updates from over 261 customer requests and includes all cumulative hotfix releases.
  • Support for Office 2013 (32 bit) and for Office 365   
  • Big News!! Constant Contact Integration
    In addition to improving product reliability and compatibility, the new integration allows users to 
    upload GoldMine exported lists to Constant Contact and then download both campaign and individual
    response information into GoldMine for reporting and follow-up. Customers can use the power of GoldMine 
    with the market leader for email marketing.
  • As always Tech.Sell can help you with upgrading and taking advantage of the new features
    Call us at 847-382-4500 to set an upgrade appointment! 

How Technology Can Help Small Businesses Grow Their Bottom Line!

quoting proposal software Quote Roller

Tap in the profit “Gimmes”
and grow your business!
Success in small business comes down to the little things. We call them the “gimmes”.

Things like hot leads that aren’t called back, quotes that aren’t followed up on, missed chances to touch a customer, birthdays, renewal dates, and more.

Tech.Sell implements affordable, effective systems
to sink those “gimmes” to your bottom line.
You won’t have to work with a robot – a live, experienced, coach will listen and be your guide.gimme

 Tech     Sell
Tech sell
Great News! Technology has gotten cheaper and easier.
Are you taking advantage of new cloud-based or on-premise tools that help you get WAY more done in less time?
Let Tech.Sell guide you to the right products and apply them to your business. We listen and recommend based upon experience, then implement. We can give you the fish or teach your team how to fish, or anything in between.
Watch your bottom line grow!

Learn more

Most sellers focus on what’s happening right now.
In the process, they may not do a great job of staying on top of the opportunity that came in last week or last month. No follow up means NO SALE!. Give them a system to remember follow ups, opportunities, deals, leads and schedules.

Help them mine new business from their customers with regular email touches and social network news.

Watch your bottom line grow!
Learn more

    hifive Improve your score…and bottom line!
Working closely with a pro makes all the difference in your golf score. Your company is no different. A Tech.Sell coach and system can make a big difference in little time. We can teach your team how to use the tools or handle your follow up and marketing programs for you. Call us to get started today!847-382-4500.
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How to tap in the profit "Gimmies" and grow your small business?

Don’t miss the “Gimmies” in your business!.. 
Success in small business comes down to the little things. We call them the “gimmies”.

Things like hot leads that aren’t called back, quotes that aren’t followed up on. Missed chances to touch a customer, birthdays, renewal dates, and more.

Great News! Technology has gotten cheaper and easier. Tech.Sell implements affordable, effective systems to sink those “gimmies” to your bottom line. By blending an array of on line and on premise programs Tech.Sell puts these key bits of information at hand on PC, Mac, tablets and phone. Follow up and critical info is not lost, but tracked measured by management and shared. 

Most sellers focus on what’s happening right now. In the process they may not do a great job of staying on top of the opportunity that came in last week or last month. No follow up means NO SALE!. Give them a system to remember follow ups, opportunities, deals, leads and schedules. 
Help them mine their customers with regular email touches and social network news. 
Watch your bottom line grow!

Improve your score…and bottom line!
Working closely with a pro makes all the difference in your golf score. Your business is no different. We’ve been in the Computer Aided Sales & Marketing business since 1995. A Tech.Sell coach and system can make a big difference in little time. We can teach your team how to use the tools or we can handle your follow up and marketing programs for you. 

Call us to get started today!847-382-4500.  Read more

Helping Small Businesses Solve Revenue Robbing Problems

It’s not just about software! We’ve been saying that for years. We believe the key to productivity improvement lies in applying available software to high payback opportunities that are often missed in small to mid-size businesses. 

Most of these problems, or opportunities center on lack of effective follow up systems. Specifically, managing leads and sales opportunities, email marketing programs, using social networks, tracking quotes.

Tech.Sell has spent nearly 20 years helping companies utilize CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to capture business opportunities.
We work with SMBs to build a simple system to track leads, outstanding quotes, existing customers, warranty expirations, birthdays, service or maintenance follow up dates and so much more. By letting the software track important activities and automatically remind you of a follow up date, sales increase significantly. 
We can set up your system and train you to use it, or do the work for you, while you run your business. That means building a tracking system, managing email marketing campaigns, tracking quotes, building a social marketing campaign.

We continue to offer and support GoldMine, but you’ll be hearing more from us on new cloud based solutions to these key issues. 
Get started with a complimentary, 20 minute initial on-line meeting to see where we can apply simple tools to build business at your company. 
Call us at 847-382-4500